Vegan Caramel Crunchers Round Grain Free Dark Chocolate Treats

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Vegan Caramel Crunchers Round Grain Free Dark Chocolate Treats. These delicious treats are vegan made with maple coconut and a crunchy paleo no grain granola. The best part? They are covered in rich dark chocolate that are the perfect treat after dinner, with your evening latte or just anytime. 

Chocolate Treats like Caramel Crunchers are perfecting for adding to coffee mug gifts, do-it-yourself gift baskets or more. Great for small office gifts and the perfect gift to yourself when you're looking for a healthy, satisfying treat! 

Made in Victoria, BC by Treat Yourself Treats  

Maple coconut caramel mixed with crunchy paleo NO GRAIN granola, covered in dark chocolate. 2 rounds per package.

Vegan & grain free.

In keeping with our commitment to support our community, 12% of the profits from the sales of these Healthy Vegan Treats will be donated to local women's organizations.


Organic fair-trade 71% Dark Chocolate; Almond Butter; Organic Coconut Butter Almonds; Sunflower Seeds; Organic Coconut Oil; Organic Cashews; Maple Syrup; Organic Pumpkin Seeds; Pecans; Organic Coconut; Organic Flax Seeds; Organic Sesame Seeds; Organic Hemp Hearts; Organic Chia Seeds

Please note that some ingredients may either contain nuts or processed in a facility with nuts. Those with peanut allergies should consult with us prior to ordering.