Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Fizzy Bath Soak

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Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Fizzy Bath Soak. Packed full of natural skin loving ingredients soaking in one of our bath bombs will surely take your bathing experience to the next level. With relaxing and calming properties of lavender our aromatherapy bath bomb will help to reduce signs of anxiety, promote a better night sleep and relax and restore your mind, body and soul for a complete luxury experience that is calm and welcoming. 

Relaxation is calling you with our relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Fizzy Bath Soak. You can't beat the classics with this soothing lavender bomb, colliding with stress reducing properties, and will help to your sleep quality, too. 

Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Reduces signs of anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality and time spent in a deeper sleep

Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Baking Soda- Soothes dry irritated skin, and draws out impurities
  • Citric Acid- Reduces the effects of aging
  • Corn Starch- Soothes and calms skin irritations
  • Epsom Salts- Reduce stress, soreness and pain. Softens rough, dry skin
  • Coconut Oil- Moisturizes
  • Oats- Helps remove oil and dirt from pores, helps treat dry skin
  • Lavender Oil- Fights acne, eczema, and wrinkles. Wound healing
  • Dried Lavender Florals

No dyes or Fragrances. Safe for children and those with sensitive skin.

DISCLAIMER - please use caution when entering or exiting the bathtub as the salts and oils from the bath bomb may make the tub slippery. If rash or irritation occurs please discontinue use. Not FDA approved. Please, speak with your doctor if you are restricted on warm baths or any medications.