Decorative Jar of Matches Pink or White Rustic Matchsticks Holder

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Decorative jar of matches available in pink or white. Perfect for rustic farmhouse home decor, party favors or wedding favors, too. These matchsticks include the holder and 27 matches are included. Great for using to light candles, incense sticks or cones. 

An elegant gift to add to candle gifts or other aromatherapy gifts like incense baskets. Add to Christmas stockings for a small gift or simply use to create a rustic and modern accent to tables next to jar or pillar candles. 


  • Jar of 27 matches
  • Great for home decor
  • Two colour options: light Pink or White matches 

DISCLAIMER - Matches will cause fire. Please do not leave matches unattended. Keep away from children. Properly extinguish at least 6 inches from your face when blowing out the match or suffocate with burn resistant tools. To ensure match is not lit or hot when disposing run under cold water.